5 Bad Weather Bike Rides You May Not Want to Sign Up for

This weekend I’ll be pedaling 18 miles around Portland, OR, in the Worst Day of the Year Ride, a bike event scheduled for the weekend that has historically had the worst weather each year. I’m hoping for sun and temps in the 70s; it’s looking more like rain and snow in the 30s.

rainy bike

Sounds pretty miserable, right? So why do so many people sign up for this ride, and sporting events like it? To remind ourselves that bad weather isn’t a good enough reason to stay inside? To get out of our comfort zones? To check another box on the bucket list?  Whatever the reason, if you register for a ride you’re bound to find like-minded souls out there, sweating and suffering right alongside you.

Here are some rides that might appeal to the masochist in you in 2024:

You can brush up on your bad weather biking skills at Bicycling.com.


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