A Love Worth Celebrating

February tends to be a month focused on celebrating love. Often those who are not in a romantic relationship can feel that they are missing out on important emotional support and nurturing. Everyone needs emotional support; however, research has shown that having regular social interaction with one or more people is more important than the definition or type of relationship you share. Your greatest support and most meaningful relationship may be a relative or friend, rather than a significant other.

They type of relationship does not matter as much as the depth. You need people in your life with whom you can discuss your problems and to whom you can confess your secrets. It is important to have quality relationships, surrounding yourself with people who make a positive impact. It has been said that you are the average of the five people with whom you spend the most time. When you consider the five people with whom you have the most interaction, are they people that you wish to emulate?

The important relationships in our life help us to achieve our goals, become better versions of ourselves, and enjoy all that life has to offer. A good test for whether a specific person makes a positive impact on your life is whether you feel better about yourself and your life after being with or talking to that person or worse about yourself and your life after being with or talking to that person.

Who are the members of your support team? Consider all the people in your life while you ask yourself the following questions to determine if your support team is complete. Who could give you great advice? Whom can you ask for help? Who is on your personal cheer squad, always encouraging? With whom do you have the most fun? Who would join you in your favorite activities? Whom always makes you laugh? Who causes you to think more deeply about things? Who would listen to your deepest secrets with support rather than judgment? Who can you call in the middle of the night? Whether partner, friend, or relative these are the type of loving relationships worth celebrating.

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