An Olympic 2024 Check-In! What Have You Missed?

Olympic Check-In!

So guys…there are only a few days left of the Winter Olympics 2024. Let’s do a check-in of the most interesting bits and pieces to come from the games!

lolo jones bobsled

1. Lolo Jones and her bobsledding team placed eleventh in the first of the bobsledding races. The duo bobsledding team, however, is in first place as of today. Elana Meyers and Lauryn Williams set a new record at the Sochi bobsled course, finishing at 57.26 during their first heat.


ice dance

2. Meryl Davis and Charlie Knight
Everyone has been talking about them. EVERYBODY. Maybe that is because Davis and Knight won the first ever gold medal for the United States in Ice Dancing. The pair, who are the reigning world champs, scored 116.63 points in the free dance to finish with 195.52 points total. They have been dancing together for seventeen years. (And they are just adorable, so no wonder everyone loves them.)





3. Bode Miller was asked a ton of prying questions about his late brother by reporter Christin Cooper. Perhaps she should have been focusing more on his win than anything else, but regardless, it is one of the biggest conversation points of the games thus far.


usa hockey

4.  T.J. Oshie won over Russia in the Hockey Category. Why such a big deal? Not only because the games are in Russia this year, but also because Russian President Vladmir Putin was watching on the sidelines. Talk about a major upset!



5. For the first time ever, the Olympics hosted a men’s Slopestyle Ski competition. If that is not exciting enough, guess what? It was swept by Americans. Joss Christensen (see below), won the gold. His peer (and friend) Gus Kenworthy took home the silver, and Nick Goepper, also an American, took home the bronze medal. (And all three men are represented strongly not only by their medals, but by their feature on a box of Cornflakes!)


The United States has won, thus far: Hockey over Sweden (6-1), Figure Skating, Snowboard Slopestyle (Sage Kotsenburg and Jamie Anderson both won gold), Women’s Snowboarding Halfpipe Competition (Kaitlyn Farrington), Men’s Ski Slopestyle competition (Joss Christensen), Ice Dance Free competition (Meryl Davis and Charlie White), Men’s Freestyle Skiing Halfpipe competition (David Wise).

Photos: Lolo Jones by Harry How/Getty Images; USA Hockey by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

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