Belvita Breakfast Crackers Serve a Winning Product at the Super Bowl Commercial

Last week we reminded you of the gastronomic list of junk food marketing that’s about to burn our eyes on Sunday. Super Bowl commercials are traditionally made of potato chips, beer, soda, and pizza – the makings of a “proper” football party. We were pleasantly surprised to see Oikos Greek Yogurt make their Super Bowl debut, and deemed them Healthiest Super Bowl Ad. Now, it seems, we’ve got a runner-up in Belvita.

Belvita Breakfast Biscuits are a new packaged food from Nabisco, and they have a pretty amusing commercial running during the Super Bowl pre-game. You can watch it now. Then, read on to see why we aren’t throwing any flags on this new breakfast competitor.

“I approve,” is Mary Hartley‘s simple conclusion about Belvita. Mary is our resident registered dietitian and doesn’t give approval to packaged foods too often. “This is a simple cracker made of oats, rye and flour, fortified with nutrients, no unessential or harmful additives, and sugar is further down on the list,” she said after reviewing the package. “It has a balanced nutrient profile with a good amount of soluble fiber (slows digestion), carbohydrates (gives energy) and healthy fats, but not too much protein.” She noted that she’d add some nut butter when eating Belvita.

In Belvita’s Super Bowl commercial they claim the crackers are “specially baked to release energy regularly and continuously in your body,” while showing two cops eating the breakfast crackers to power their hectic days. Mary breaks down the claim by explaining that “you have nutritious sustained energy that lasts all morning. That’s just because of the soluble fiber, which slows down digestion.” Belvita isn’t the only food that can do so. Mary named a list of foods that do so naturally, including “oatmeal, other cereals and breads, lots of fruits (prunes, apples, grapefruit), flaxseed, and other seeds.”

We’re all time crunched, and could certainly use more healthy fuel to help us manage our own schedules. Mary commented that Nabisco is “giving people what they want: portion control, portability (especially at breakfast time), wholesomeness, taste.”

This might be the one thing on the cookie aisle worth checking out.

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