Benefits of a Slide Board Workout

jr celski biggest loser slideboardSlide boards have been used by speed skaters and hockey players for years and years now and are becoming ever more popular in fitness facilities today. A slide board is a super slick mat that has blocks on each side used as stoppers and to push off. Cotton-like material booties should be placed over your shoes in order to allow movement across the mat (socks can be used as well).  Slide boards are intended to improve the strength, endurance, and stability of the hip and hip stabilizers. This type of cross-training is a great way to get your cardiovascular training done all while reducing the risk of hip injuries.

Pictured here, J.R. Celski, a U.S. Olympic Team short track speed skater, appeared on Biggest Loser 9.6 to demonstrate the slide board for the contestants and lead them in a challenge.

The hip is one of the most common sites of instability of the human body and most of the time taken for granted. The majority of people tend to shy away from performing hip exercises (mainly men), thus causing it to become weak and unstable. The hip joint is very similar to the shoulder, which is a ball and socket joint and able to move in all directions. The main functions of the hip are to support and provide mobility for the entire body as a whole. This is where the slide board comes into play and strengthens each and every aspect of the hips and hip stabilizers.

Remember that slide boards are just like anything else and require progression. I recommend starting very slowly (5 to 10 minutes worth) with small precise movements then progressing to larger and longer strides (15 to 20 minutes worth). Good Luck!!

Slide Board Benefits:

  1. Improve hip stability
  2. Increase hip strength
  3. Improve hip endurance
  4. Reduce risk of hip injury
  5. Improve balance
  6. Burn unwanted calories
  7. Strengthen hip stabilizers
  8. Improve distance running

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How do I choose a brand and size in a slider board?

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