Benefits of Kettlebells For Women

Kettlebells are all the buzz in the fitness world right now. Kettlebells have been around for centuries, but have become popular among athletes and fitness enthusiasts in recent years.kettlebells for women

They are mainly used for ballistic or swinging movements or used in press and pull movements similar to those associated with normal weight training. Kettlebell exercises engage the entire body, thus making each movement maximize core stabilization and total-body muscle recruitment. In other words, kettlebells are a great total body workout that improve muscle tone and reduce body fat.

I understand that the majority of the female population is intimidated by weight training, but kettlebells are a great way to reach your fitness goals and have a blast doing so. I recommend integrating a kettlebell exercise routine or two into your weekly workout regimen. The benefits are completely worth it.

Benefits of Kettlebell Training for Women:

  1. Reduce body fat
  2. Firm entire upper body
  3. Firm entire lower body
  4. Improve core stability
  5. Improve balance and coordination
  6. Increase energy levels
  7. Increase bone density
  8. Improve circulation
  9. Improve sleep
  10. Increase self-esteem

Contact a certified kettlebell expert to learn the ins and outs of kettlebell training. Most health clubs and fitness institutions are able to locate an expert for you. Below is a sample kettlebell workout routine designed to enhance core stability, muscle definition, reduce body fat, and strengthen the kinetic chain as a whole. Integrate this workout with three to five days of cardiovascular training (30-60 minutes) and at least a day or two of other weight training or fitness class. I recommend performing two to three sets of 15 to 20 repetitions. Start at a light weight and slowly progress to a heavier weight as the weeks progress. Good luck!!

Kettlebell Workout for Women:

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