Biggest Loser’s Rachel Makes Headlines with Her Weight Loss

On Tuesday, February 4th, our own Brandi Koskie tuned into the season finale for “The Biggest Loser” season 15. She was watching the program from her living room, which was unusual—she’s been in the audience at well over half of the past season’s finales. What she saw shocked her, and she’s not alone.


The winner of the contest had lost a shocking 60% of her body weight, reducing her 5’5″ frame to a painfully thin 105 pounds. Although Koskie was one of the first to rally against NBC and the show, telling them they’d gone too far, other news outlets soon followed suit. Winner Rachel Frederickson said she feels “absolutely great”, but this didn’t stop any of the concern for her and criticism for the way the “game” is played.

Here’s just a sampling of what’s being written about the debacle. Obviously this win stirred up a lot of emotion in the public as well as among health experts. We’re hopeful that the next season will have new regulations and rules in place to keep contestants safe and healthy as they compete.

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Photo: NBCU

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