Burn It Off: 3 Fun Ways to Work Off 170 Calories Of Bogg’s Trail Butter

Portland is a little like New York City in the sense that almost everyone here has some sort of passion project. Maybe they work full-time but are super passionate about sewing, or writing poetry, or teaching fitness classes. Or, in the case of my friend Jeff, maybe they’re trying to get a start-up food company off the ground.

Jeff is the co-creator of Bogg’s Trail Butter, a concoction he dreamed up while biking across the country: Essentially, he decided to blend his trail mixes to make them easier to carry. Fast forward a few years and he’s well on his way to creating a nut butter empire with flavors like Mountaineer Maple and Expedition Espresso. These nut butters are delicious but they’re also full of protein, fiber, fat, and carbs—basically all you need to keep going in the outdoors for a run, bike, ride, or trip to the mountain.


I took one of the squeezable pouches on a ski trip this past weekend and was really psyched to see how easy it was to eat, even with gloves on—you literally just squeeze and go—and also how full I felt afterward. After a few tablespoons I was fueled up for about 90 minutes of play. (Of course I ate some more on the ride home—but, after all, this blend is full of the ingredients needed for fueling a workout and for recovery.)

At 170 calories in a serving Trail Butter can fuel different workouts for different amounts of time. Here’s how long it would have taken me to burn through a serving with 3 different activities:

I could have cross-country skied for 17 minutes.

I could have downhill skied for 24 minutes.

dh skiing


I could have sang along with the music playing in the car for 1 hour and 35 minutes.



I wound up cross-country skiing23, a sport that was a lot harder than I remember!


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