Burn More Calories Than Sex: Getting Sweaty on Valentine’s Day


by Mariah Edwards-Heflin

It’s Valentine’s Day, the holiday where all are taught to express our undying love with copious amounts of chocolates, desserts, and of course, sex. We’ve all heard that you can burn up to several hundred calories in a sex session with your boo, so who cares if we polish off those chocolates in one sitting, right?

Sorry, but no. 150 pound person can expect to burn just 72 calories during 15 minutes of sex. While fun, your little Valentine’s Day shenanigans won’t replace the calorie burn of the gym.

So does this mean you need to stress going to the gym to lift some weights on the most romantic day of the year? Not necessarily, unless you are really that committed to the #gymlife. Then by all means, be my guest, it’s actually pretty powerful foreplay before the main event. But there are a ton of fun, active, and healthy dates you can do on Valentine’s Day that work up more of a sweat than a roll in the hay.

These are my top 10 active Valentine’s Day date ideas:

  • If cooking isn’t your thing, go out for a nice healthy dinner, and then take a stroll. Plan it right around sunset to add to the romance.
  • Hit the slopes for an hour or two, then snuggle back up in the lift on the way back to the top. Warm up in front of the fire afterwards.
  • Go ice skating or rollerblading. Hold hands, giggle, slip and fall together. All of the playfulness of a new relationship will be reignited.
  • Bowling: Cheesy? Kind of. Cliché? Definitely. Fun? Always.
  • Pick a challenging hike and plan a picnic at the top. Find a fun new trail the two of you can tackle together and time it so you can enjoy your meal with a sunset view. The full pack will help you work up an appetite and the lighter load on the way down will be your reward.
  • Double Kayaking: Float down Love River.
  • Rock Climbing: Nothing says “I trust you” like letting your man belay you on the side of a rock face. If you’re newbies, consider indoor first.
  • Dancing: Need I say more about this one?
  • It won’t burn many calories, but a couple’s massage will realign the body and release unhealthy stress with your partner right by your side. Pocket this idea, boys. It gets you out of doing the dirty work.
  • Get in touch with your inner children and visit a trampoline park. You’ll be dripping sweat while having the time of your life.

Obviously, there are a ton of ways to stay active on your one day of romance so get creative. And once the passion has been awakened with your active date night, burn off those last few extra calories in between the sheets. Forget the ice cream- that’s the best cherry on top I can think of!

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