Burning Calories is Child’s Play

Do you ever envy your children’s endless energy to run, jump, skip and play? As the spring weather starts to warm, take advantage of all the calorie-burning ability of their favorite games. You’ll get some quality playtime with the kids, reminisce about your own childhood, and burn some extra calories.

hopscotchJumping Rope = 150 calories/15 minutes of moderate intensity.

Hopscotch = 75 calories/15 minutes

Roller Skating = 209 calories/30 minutes

Dancing = 135 calories/30 minutes

Playing Catch = 75 calories/30 minutes

Jumping Jacks = 120 calories/15 minutes

Riding Bikes = 239 calories/30 minutes of moderate intensity, about 12 mph.

Hula Hooping = 100 calories/10 minutes

Flag Football = 239 calories/30 minutes

Frisbee = 90 calories/30 minutes

Don’t miss an opportunity to join a dodgeball game, hide-and-seek, or chasing the dog around the yard. The calories burned add up to lost weight and gaining some fresh air!

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