Buyer Beware of Raspberry Ketone Scams

If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. With raspberry ketones being touted as the newest weight loss “miracle” it’s my job to weed through all the information and give you the facts. The fact is there are lots of online con artists feeding into the raspberry ketone craze. Here are some tips of how to recognize a scam product.

Step 1: Site Reliability

If you’re looking to purchase raspberry ketones what I imagine most people would do is a simple online search. Once you find a site where you can purchase the product, scroll down to the bottom and find out when the site was copyrighted or created. If it says 2024 it may just be someone trying to jump on the ketone bandwagon and may not be a reliable or legitimate site. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, websites like or are established sites that are concerned with customer service and satisfaction. I feel there you’d be more likely to get the product and be able to return it if you were unhappy with it.

Step 2: Skip the Web

You can avoid the online route. I took a stroll through my pharmacy’s diet section and the only product I could find that had raspberry ketones in it was QuickTrim, which is a product endorsed by Kim Kardashian. I would not be surprised if pharmacies and health food stores start to excessively promote products that contain raspberry ketones and stock more of these products. When I do speak to most people they think it is similar to taking a vitamin. Once these realize it’s a diet aid, they are less likely to purchase it, especially after I explain to them all the side effects and risks.

Step 3: Protect Yourself

I strongly recommend looking at the return policy of the website, if they have one at all. You should also read the fine print and know what you are signing up for. You might be giving permission for your credit card to be billed for automatic replenishment shipments or a free trial that turns into automatic shipments. It may be very difficult to cancel this. Protect yourself and your credit card information. I would check your bank account or credit card statement frequently to avoid duplicate charges and overcharges. This may be a way for someone to commit identify theft.

Be cautious and follow these guidelines and the chances of falling victim to a scam will be less likely to happen.

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