Candy-Free Valentine’s Day Treats Kids Will Fall in Love With

If you’re a parent, Valentine’s Day means your kid will be offered a tremendous amount of sugar right before he’s sent home from school. Valentine’s parties are tough. You want to send a great treat, but if you’re like me, you have a conscience and you can’t send sugar bombs to kids, it’s just not right.

Never fear, just because you choose not to send unhealthy treats to school, doesn’t mean you can’t be the star of the class party. I’ve had to get creative over the years, but I’ve seen first hand that most kids actually like a unique party favor or a savory healthy snack. Many choose it over the heap of candy being loaded into their Valentine mailbox.

Here are several candy-free ideas to keep you and your kid on track this Valentine’s Day.

Fruit and Veggie Trays. Yeah, it doesn’t sound that amazing, but kids actually like most fruits and vegetables, they’re just not offered very often. I’ve watched a herd of third graders make quick work of a fruit tray and my heart smiled. If you want to add some extra holiday fun, try making your fruit heart shaped. Strawberries can easily be sliced into heart-shaped medallions or melons can be formed into the heart shape as well.

Kind Bars. Have you tried these yet?! You’re going to have a hard time sending them to school because they’re just that good. The KIND bars are mostly nut based and often have dried fruit with them. They are low in sugar and full of natural healthy ingredients. The best part is that kids will probably think they’re candy bars. Check out our KIND Bars giveaway now and win a case of 20!

Nuts. While we’re talking nuts, buying individual packages of nuts can make a great treat. Add a Valentine tag that says “I’m Nuts About You!” and you’ve instantly got the most creative treat in the class. Always be sure to check with the teacher about nut allergies before passing out treats like this.

Glow Sticks. Ditch food altogether and share something fun. We’ll be passing out cards with a Star Wars Jedi and having the glow stick attached as his lightsaber. The cards are cute and kids love the little toy that will glow all night long.

I Mustache You a Question. Will you be my Valentine? Another show stopper is the trend-setting mustache. Whether you passed out adhesive fake ones or hunt Pinterest for a fun mustache on a stick idea, the kids will all have a blast sporting the handlebar deguises. They might forget about the cupcakes even.

Blow Kisses. Make a fun card with a small bubble wand and bubbles. The class will be afloat with bubbles and a sugar free treat!

Fruit Valentines. No cutting required. Simply turn fruit into your Valentine. Get custom stickers made for pieces of fruit like apples, oranges, or pears. Stick on the cute sticker, like “You’re the Apple of my Eye,” and you’ve got one of the most memorable and healthy Valentines.

The ideas are endless, especially if you’re on Pinterest like we are. Class parties don’t have to leave our kids in a sugar coma. Be a force for health and fun this year. Ditch the sugar and send the kids some real love.

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