Chobani Blood Orange Smoothie Perfect for Rising and Shining

There are stories that Elvis Presley would eat one food, in particular meatloaf, for weeks. It would be the only thing he’d eat. I tend to get in to similar ruts with breakfast. It will be three months of nothing but scrambled eggs and toast. And then I’ll switch to months and months of Cheerios, or yogurt with granola. Last week, it was time for a change, and I rediscovered my blender.

Smoothies are a perfect breakfast. They are fast, simple, and can give you several full servings of fruits and vegetables in a glass. Drink it on the go and you can’t complain about not having time for breakfast!

I assessed the smoothie-making ingredients I had on hand… fresh baby spinach, an avocado, a pint of blueberries, bananas, ice, and Chobani Greek yogurt. I had a few flavors to choose from (because we’re rarely without) and I opted for the brand new blood orange. I hadn’t yet tried it, and figured this was a perfect opportunity to add a burst of sweetness to my smoothie. The color, when all stirred and combined, wasn’t as bold as I’d expected (I mean, have you seen the raspberry Chobani? Pop!), but the flavor was perfect.

I put about 3 ice cubes in the blender with a slight splash of Simply Orange (to keep things moving down there). Then, I added a whole banana, half an avocado, a giant handful of spinach, about a half-cup of blueberries, and the contents of the Chobani blood orange cup.

Seconds later, and four servings of fruits and vegetables, I had a swampish-brown breakfast that tasted far better than it looked. The best part, I actually got full before I finished it and didn’t feel hungry again until lunch. The even better part? My 21-month-old daughter had a sip, asked for some of her own, and then took seconds in her little sippy cup!

So, for now, I’m back on the smoothie breakfast wagon. I especially love making smoothies on a Friday morning because it helps me use all of the produce that is on the verge of being tossed.

And don’t curl your lips at the thought of spinach in a smoothie; you cannot taste it. Don’t judge a smoothie by its color!

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