Couple Gets Joint Bypass Surgery

A married couple in Poughkeepsie, New York made a new vow together – to take drastic measures in their weight loss battle by getting joint gastric bypass operations on the same day.measuring tape

In a twist of irony, both of them took up professions saving other people’s lives. Husband Jeff Tryon is a volunteer firefighter, while Trish is an EMT instructor. Now they are taking measures to ensure that they themselves live longer lives.

Before their respective surgeries, Jeff and Trish were morbidly obese, defined as more than 100 pounds overweight. Jeff was 440 pounds, while Trish was 399 pounds.

As is usually the case, the couple tried and failed on several diets, which led them to this last-ditch measure.

Jeff’s reasoning is ominous: “You have a choice. Sign a contract to have the surgery and add 25 years to your life. Or sign a contract with a funeral home.”

The following is a report by CBS News on the couple’s desperate attempt to take back their lives:

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