Dirty Details of What Soda’s Doing to Your Body and Checkbook

In this infographic, developed by Term Life Insurance, you’ll see a few of the many health issues that soda plays a large role in. Heart disease, obesity, osteoporosis, reproductive issues…the list goes on and on. I’m sure you’ve heard these warnings before, but have you really thought about what that can of Coke is doing to your insides? By consuming soda on a regular basis you’re basically asking to be miserable and sick.

Once you’ve developed one, some, or even all of these health issues…they’re no longer the only issue at play. There’s all the money you’re spending on buying the soda, but then there’s also all the medical bills you’re having to support in order to help overcome those issues. As you see here in the graphic, one out of every 10 health care dollars is spent on diabetes care, and the estimated annual asthma cost that goes to health care is around $18 billion. Other expenses you may easily find yourself liable for include surgeries, dentist visits and even cancer care. Scared yet?

What the really scary part about it all is the number of Americans who ignore these concerns everyday… many by choice because they don’t want to hear the truth about the high risks. It’s information like this that should deter us from buying the soda for ourselves, our children. A message like that would be heard loud and clear in the deep pockets of Big Soda.

In my opinion, if something like soda could possibly cause not only a large list of health issues but also chronic diseases that I would never want myself or a loved one stuck in, why chance it? Is a few minutes of filling our bodies with harmful sugars, acids, and other chemical ingredients that we call “enjoyment” really worth it? There’s plenty of healthier options out there that can help fix whatever craving you’re having.

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