Dr. Travis Reveals Foods to Lose Your Gut on The Doctors

Today on The Doctors, Dr. Travis Stork will be be uncovering the Secrets of Losing Your Gut for Good. This will be his first time doing the show as a sole host. Dr. Stork works as an ER physician and one of the first things he examines in his patients is the amount of belly fat they have. This information can tell him how easily someone might recover from injury and if they can expect to face future health issues like diabetes, heart disease, cancer and others.

Some of the things that will be shared on Dr. Stork’s first-ever solo show are the foods that can help get rid of extra belly fat, statistics on how extra weight can affect your health, little things to do to make a difference in belly fat and some of the best snacks available. As a preview to the show, we’ve listed the top five belly-busting foods Dr. Stork will be sharing:

Beans: Choose dried beans over canned whenever possible. They are a great food because they fill you up without filling you out.

Eggs: Eggs are full of muscle building protein and the vitamin B12 in egg yolks are an energy booster that keeps red blood cells healthy.

Berries: Full of antioxidants, it is better to eat whole berries rather than to drink only the juice.
Dairy: Have three lean or low-fat servings of dairy each day to decrease your chances of being overweight by 60 percent.

Whole Grains: Having whole grains that are minimally processed can add fiber to your diet and keep you full. Items higher in fiber and less processed are your best choices.

Some of the better snack choices that you can make are dark chocolate, popcorn and nuts. Dark chocolate is healthy for your heart and can also enhance your mood. With popcorn, be sure to air pop to keep the calories down and avoid adding fat, like butter. Nuts are rich in heart-healthy nutrients, but the calories can add up, so be sure to watch your portion sizes by limiting them to about a handful.

In addition to covering foods and snacks that are great for reducing the size of your belly, Dr. Stork will also give some insight on little things you can do to make a difference. You can burn three times more calories taking the stairs as opposed to the elevator. You can also increase your lifespan by 30 percent by spending 30 minutes each day walking. Tune in to The Doctors to find out what other tips Dr. Stork will be sharing to help you Lose Your Gut for Good.

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