Eating Healthy on Valentine’s Day

Historically, Valentine’s Day is a day full of boxes of chocolates, fancy dinners out, candy hearts and chocolate candy roses. For someone trying to lose weight or maintain a healthier lifestyle, being bombarded by high calorie foods can be tough. Sure, one candy or one dinner won’t do an enormous amount of damage – but you really don’t need to sacrifice yourself on the altar of St. Valentine. Not only that, but one day has a sneaky habit of becoming another day, and another and another. Do yourself a favor and don’t start.

One of the primary ways that we show love to each other is with food. It’s biologically innate in our make up, but it isn’t confined to high calorie/high fat foods. Here are some ways to celebrate the love that you have for your significant other in a healthy manner.

  • Instead of going out to dinner, switch it up and go for lunch. Lunch portions are smaller and more in line with true portion sizes.
  • For true romance, order one meal and share it. Even spaghetti shared can be romantic – remember that scene in Lady and the Tramp? If you really don’t want to share, ask the waitress to bring a box with your meal and pack half away for another day. It’s even better if you “forget” to take the leftovers home with you.
  • Pack a picnic lunch or dinner. If the weather isn’t cooperating, spread that picnic in front of the fireplace. Great choices for picnic fare include tossed salad, flat bread sandwiches or roll ups, veggie sticks with hummus and fruit kabobs. Add in a bottle of sparkling water with cut citrus added and two unbreakable wine glasses.
  • Looking for a delicious romantic dessert? Dark chocolate fondue is a yummy way to eat an enormous amount of fruit. Dipping it into dark chocolate gives you the benefit of adding the heart healthy antioxidants that we all need. Not only is it lower in calories, but it can be romantic to feed each other!
  • A little bit nuts for your partner? Package up some heart healthy almonds with a note saying, “I’m nuts about you!”

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