Educate Yourself During National Eating Disorders Awareness Week

national eating disorders awareness weekFebruary 22-28, 2024 is National Eating Disorders Awareness Week. Eating disorders are serious, often life threatening, conditions that effect sufferer’s mentally, physically, and emotionally. Eating disorders generally include an unhealthy relationship with food and one’s own body image. Eating disorders effect millions of Americans and include anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating, and orthorexia nervosa. The causes of eating disorders are complicated and not fully known; psychological issues, low self-esteem, trauma, interpersonal difficulties, cultural norms, learning, and biological factors can all be part of the problem. Treatment can also be very complicated and should be done by professionals. Treatment should include psychological and nutritional counseling; it may include inpatient treatment and medication management.

If you want to learn more about eating disorders, Vathani Navasothy at is offering two free international teleseminars this week. Even if you cannot attend in real time, if you register, a recording will be available to you to listen to at a time that is more convenient to you. Monday’s teleseminar is entitled Eating Disorders and Tuesday’s is entitled Beat Bulimia.

Visit to find out about National Eating Disorder Week events in your area.

Here is an eating disorder public service announcement from the National Eating Disorder Association.

Questions PSA from NEDA on Vimeo.

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