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UPDATE: This Promotion Has Ended. Congratulations to our 20 winners!

Two-thirds of Americans say they feel the need to snack around 3 p.m. each day. Whether it’s boredom, hunger or the result of a skipped meal, when you don’t plan for snacking you’re more likely to give in to temptation. Keeping Extra sugar-free gum handy can help you combat cravings.

We want to help 20 lucky people beat those cravings. Extra has a variety of juicy flavors like Sweet Watermelon, Berry Pearadise and Peppermint, and you can pop in a piece of five calorie gum anytime you’re thinking about some other junk food snack.

Extra Gum Giveaway Details

  • Sign-up for MyDIR, the DietsInReview.com Community
  • Complete your profile
  • Each Monday, five MyDIR members will be selected to receive 20 packs of Extra sugar-free gum and a DietsInReview.com grocery tote

extra gumExtra recently completed research that found that 3PM is the most popular snack time. Thus, they launched the Extra 3PM Snackdown Challenge. Enter the code found inside 3PM Snackdown packs of Extra gum and you could instantly win a V.I.P getaway for two to LA where you’ll stay in a swanky hotel, receive $1,000 cash prize and five training sessions with Biggest Loser’s Bob Harper.

All MyDIR members registered through 3/9/09 are eligible. Must have a completed MyDIR profile to be eligible. Drawings will be held each Monday 2/16/09 – 3/9/09, and winners will be notified via the MyDIR message center. Twenty packages of Extra Gum and a DietsInReview.com grocery tote will be shipped to the mailing address included in the MyDIR profile. DietsInReview.com is not responsible for lost or stolen packages, nor failed shippings due to user providing an incorrect address. DietsInReview.com may replace the prize with one of equal value if prize is not available (total value is $24; not redeemable for cash). This giveaway is sponsored by Wrigley’s Extra. DietsInReview.com is not involved with the 3PM Snackdown Challenge giveaway. Details regarding the 3PM Snackdown Challenge giveaway can be found at its official site.

60 Responses to Extra Sugar-Free Gum Giveaway

Jodi says:

Hope I win!

Jay Cee says:

Me 2! I love the diet community as well.

Nora says:

I joined today so am very new to the community.

Joe says:

Yummy and low in calories too!

Christian Brothers says:

My Wife would love this!



Carol says:

Thanks for contest. Would be nice to win this for when the grandchildren visit this summer.

Vicki Andrew says:

great contest, thanks

Elizabeth says:

Chewing gum helps keeps me from eating all the sugary temptations in the afternoon and truly helps to keep the weight off. Extra Sugar-Free Gum is the best because it is sugar free and satisfies my taste buds. What a great contest. Thanks

Elizabeth says:

Extra Sugar-Free Gum hits the spot any time of day!

pat ramey says:

hope I win

Traci ryan says:

winning would be wonderful!

Darlene says:

EXTRA rules!!! I hope I win!

Tania W. says:

Extra is my favorite gum.

David Holder says:

My wife would love this-jusst bought her two packs last night.

bonnie byrne says:

I try to buy as much sugar-free as possible. I can’t tell the difference and its better for all. Thanks for the chance.

Virginia says:

I’m losing with Extra. Thanks for a wonderful product.
It’s helping me!!!

Carolyn says:

Extra pounds off 😉 Hope to win. Thanks. Gotta have my gum.

denyse says:

Extra Rocks! This is a great giveaway. I’d love to win:)

veronica says:

want to win this

Amanda says:

I have struggled through every different kind of diet and weight loss gimmic under the sun. Finally I have found a product that works without causing ANY side effects and let’s me be who I am. I do not advertise for the company but if anyone is interested I would be more than happy to share my story and provide you with information on how to loose weight and keep it off for real. Just email me and I will respond as soon as I can.

linda lansford says:

Extra Sugar-Free Gum is what I need

Denise says:

My and my best girlfriend chewed Extra every day in high school. I’d love to win.

Mary Casper says:

thanks for the chance

dianna murrah says:

Does it stick to dentures?????????????????????????????????

timothy l says:

just what my teeth needs

I want in! I probably chew a pack a day normally and 3 packs a day when I’m dieting. I could use some gum.

Cheryl English says:

Snack me down with Extra Sugar Free Gum, and watch the body go into overdrive. Thank You.

britewally says:

Hope we all win… Need, need, need some great GUM

Barry says:

Please add mt name to the contest. I would love to win this.

Vergie says:

gum that my daughter-in-law has to have.

Sharon Seneker says:

I have lost 29 lbs. I need to lose 29 lbs more! This win would help! Thanks!

Kathy says:

I am just now getting serious about dieting and your gum would give me something to put in my mouth besides food!! I’ve never won anything in my life so I probably won’t win but thanks for the opportunity to try.

Heather says:

This is a good one

marol says:

even tho’ i have several crowns in my mouth, i feel assured that i can at least have the pleasure of chewing sugarfree gum. as long as i emphasize having that pleasure, i look forward to 3PM.

Norma says:

I grew up on “Gum Street” for real!

Peter Starck says:

best gum ever!!

Brenda73 says:

I quit smoking and now that I have turned 53 years young I can’t seem to lose weight, like I used to so I chew gum now instead of smoking and eating. I actually have a package of Extra Winterfresh.

Lisa Pembleton says:

I LOVE my Extra and my kids do too! It really helps with the hunger.

Debbieon says:

Gum Yum I love yummy gum pick meee

jenny says:

Extra keep’s me in extra …shape…….

mary says:

sounds good to me, I’ve got another 100 pounds to loose, more help I’d get the better off I’m am~

amir says:

This would be great! It’ll keep my mouth full so I can keep the junk out!

Kimberly says:

Hey there! I’m new as well. Looks nice here. 🙂

joanna smith says:

Cool! I just joined your site! I am looking forward to becoming a regular here and hopefully be inspired by what I learn and reading what others have to say!

charles kassing says:


john urbigkeit says:

I live this site! Good info.
thxs, john

Sharon Seneker says:

I benefit from participation in the Diets in Review community as I am perpetually on a diet! Thanks!

Jennifer Hedden says:

enter me

Steve Scott says:

Biggest Loser says this is a great way to lose a few pounds. I am game to give it a try.

Carol Hagerty says:

I just started a diet and Extra Sugar-Free gum would be the perfect companion, to help me stick with it.

Craig Johnson says:

Extra Sugar-Free gum is in the house y’all!!!!!

Sherry Flick says:

I’m a diabetic . The Extra sugar-free gum would be perfect for me! Thanks!

Louis says:

thanks… to gum.

Jim says:

Would this be a great prize!!! Thanks for the offer.

Dawson says:

yum yum gum gum in my tum tum

I cannot believe I won! Brandi, I got my package yesterday and I was so excited. I have to say that Extra Sugar Free gum really does help with my 2:30 Sugar Craving. I have been chewing Extra for over 6 months now and it nice to have this “Extra” helper. Also great news. Last week I lost 12 pounds and this week I lost another 4 pounds.
Between the Motivation of my Blogging, this web page and DVR the Biggest Loser, The Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp, and RUNNING on my Treadmill has helped me so much! Again THANK YOU THANK YOU I am so glad I won!

Brandi says:

We are glad you won as well, Emily! Congratulations on so many successes in your weight loss journey! We look forward to seeing more of them on your MyDIR page (fattyemmie).

– Brandi
Sr. Editor

annelovewell says:

please pick me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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