FDA to Investigate AeroShot Caffeine Product

aeroshot caffine inhalerThe FDA plans to investigate the safety of AeroShot, a lipstick-shaped dispenser that delivers a does of caffeine without the liquid. Users inhale a vapor of caffeine and B vitamins, which are then swallowed. The caffeine-filled inhaler is sold online, and at some stores around New York and Boston.

New York Senator Charles Schumer encouraged the FDA to look into the product, and wrote a letter to the agency expressing his concerns back in December. He argues that there may be legitimate uses for the AeroShot, like “the business man staying up late who doesn’t want to drink that cup of coffee, that’s OK.” However, he’s worried about potential abuse of the product, such as people who might use it to be able to drink more alcohol.

AeroShot creator David Edwards is confident that the product is safe and says that it was thoroughly tested. Furthermore, there are many liquid energy shots on the market that with much higher levels of caffeine. The AeroShot contains about 100 milligrams of caffeine total, roughly the amount found in one cup of coffee. Two hundred to 300 milligrams of caffeine is considered a safe and moderate dose per day for adults.

A number of “inhale-able” products similar to the AreoShot have also been released recently. Le Whif dispenses a vaporized dessert, which claims to satisfy sugar cravings. Another example is the Vapotrim, which resembles an electronic cigarette and claims to send messages to the brain that will trigger feelings of fullness. It will be interesting to see if the FDA’s investigation of AeroShots will trigger further research into Vapotrim or Le Whif.

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