Michelle Obama and Tracey Mallett Get Kids Moving on Ellen [VIDEO]

First lady Michelle Obama has been a busy woman this week. She’s been making the talk show rounds as she promotes Let’s Move, a campaign is designed to end childhood obesity by teaching children about fitness and healthy eating.

As the first lady wraps up her week, she will be a guest on the Ellen show today alongside Booty Barre creator and fitness expert Tracey Mallett.

Mallett and Mrs. Obama invite 40 children to the stage to demonstrate exercises to keep them moving and excited about good health. Mallett led the children of Whitney Elementary through a fun workout the kids loved. In an email from Mallett, she described the episode as “an amazing experience.” See it now, and try it with your own kids!

While on the show, DeGeneres questions Mrs. Obama regarding her workout routine. The fact that our healthy first lady works out everyday for an hour and a half prompts DeGeneres to challenge her to a push-up contest. Viewers will see our first lady drop and give 25 push-ups with minimal effort on national TV, beating DeGeneres who becomes winded very quickly.

Mrs. Obama has been on Rachael Ray and The Tonight Show this week. While on Jay Leno’s show, she convinced the self-proclaimed vegetable hater to eat a veggie pizza and apples dipped in honey from the white house garden bee hives.

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