Food Blogger Spotlight: Katie Unger of Yes, I Want Cake

Some bloggers are known for their inspiring recipes, others for their lovely photography, and still others for their charm and personality. Katie Unger of Yes, I Want Cake boasts all three.

I discovered Katie’s blog several years ago and have been following ever since for the healthy recipes, fitness inspiration, and female voice of reason. I now also get to follow her life as a stay-at-home mother to her toddler daughter, Adrienne.

I can always count on Katie for a pick-me-up as she always seems to be beaming with positivity, and I love herb blog for that. But she knows how to whip up a mean salad and chocolate cake, too.

I also love that Katie feeds her whole family healthfully and tastefully despite her husband’s hearty “meat and potatoes” style appetite, and while sticking to a mainly vegetarian diet herself.

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Katie about her blog and how she maintains a healthy lifestyle despite a busy schedule. Here’s what she had to say.

Why did you start your food blog? 

I started reading a few food blogs and then just decided…I could totally do this!

How would you describe your approach to eating?

I try to eat as many vegetables and fruits as possible. But I also really like bread and dessert. I try to strike a balance between those two categories, and luckily, my body is pretty good at telling me what it needs to be fed. I trust those eating instincts.

 Have you always had an interest in healthy eating or did it come later in life?

I grew up eating healthy food, so it’s pretty ingrained. There were a few years there in college where I drank too much beer and ate too much late-night ice cream, but I eventually came back around to a way of eating that makes me feel good.

What is your favorite (or a few of your favorites) food/ingredient to use in the kitchen?

Kale, butter, potatoes, Brussels sprouts, bananas – I could go on and on. I like to eat real food, so that’s what I cook with.

How has becoming a mother impacted the way you cook and eat?

I want to make sure my daughter sees me eating real food so that she is inclined to do the same. I grew up watching my mom use nutritional yeast, stirring her natural peanut butter, and making smoothies in the morning. I think becoming a mother just makes me more intentional about eating the right way, and then teaching my daughter to do the same.

Favorite recipe to date?

That’s the hardest question ever. Can I say it’s a tie between Blackberry Cream Cake and Pistachio Leek Muffins?


Yes, of course you can, Katie. Anything for you and that adorable baby of yours.

Find out more about Katie, her daily doings and her delicious recipes by following her at Yes, I Want Cake. You simply won’t be left disappointed or uninspired.

Katie is the second in a series of spotlights on healthy food bloggers. Be sure to check back next Sunday to meet another healthy food blogger in our midst.

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