Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band Tracks Activity, Sleep, Calories, and Challenges with Friends


You see fitness and activity tracking gadgets everywhere these days. Whether it be something you clip on your clothes or something you wear on your wrist, more companies are creating solutions that help you keep track of your progress and stay motivated day by day. Garmin is the latest company to launch their own such product: the Garmin Vivofit fitness band. It comes in five colors (black, gray, green, blue, and purple) and will be available within the next month. The Vivofit is available for pre-order at $129.

Like other contenders for a spot on your wrist, the Vivofit’s pedometer function tracks the number of steps you walk (or run) in a day, the number of calories you burn, the distance you go, and patterns in your sleep. You’re able to visualize this data on the small display on the band itself, or via the accompanying free Garmin Connect iPhone and Android app on your smartphone. (iPhone app | Android app)


What’s more, the more you wear the Vivofit, the more it gets to know your typical routine. Once it builds enough data, it provides you with daily goals and reminds you to be more active if you’re falling behind. For example, if you’re sitting still for more than an hour, the red “move bar” shows up on the display to remind you to get up and get active. Walking around for a few minutes is enough to reset the move bar. If you want to take your activity to another level, the Vivofit also enables you to participate in challenges with your friends.

The Vivofit is waterproof, so continually wearing it shouldn’t be a problem. Also, unlike other competitive products, it’s worth noting that the Vivofit boasts a battery life of “up to one year” without needing recharged. Compared that to the 5-7 day battery life of other popular fitness bands like the Nike FuelBand SE or the Wii Fit U, and we’d say the Vivofit successfully carves out a space of its own in the market for those of us who are always on the go and might otherwise forget to charge yet another gadget every few days.

You can get more information and pre-order the Garmin Vivofit on their website, here.


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