Healthiest Menu Choices at Burger King

We wanted to see what the best menu items were at a popular fast-food restaurant: Burger King. After some digging, we came up with the below choices that are all selected based on feedback from registered dietitian Rebecca Scritchfield. All meals have less than 500 calories and about 500 milligrams of sodium, as part of the new daily sodium recommendations from the U.S. government. Because all fast food is generally high in salt, it was really difficult to find meals that fell into these guidelines at Burger King, and what we did find, unfortunately, wasn’t all that exciting.

Healthiest Meals at Burger King

1. Hamburger. With 340 calories and 520 milligrams of sodium, this is the lowest-sodium option for a sandwich. Our recommendation for rounding out this meal? Bring some raw cut-up veggies from home or pick up a piece of fruit to help fill you up and keep you energized.

2. Garden salad. Clocking in with just 70 calories and 90 milligrams of sodium, this is a solid choice, but it’s probably not big enough to fill you up, so order two! For extra protein and healthy fat, throw in a few tablespoons of unsalted sunflower seeds and get an order of fat-free milk (100 calories, 150 milligrams of sodium). And definitely forgo the salad dressing options — all of them put you well over your sodium limit for the day. Instead, put a little vinegar and olive oil on them!

And a quick word to the wise, BK now offers unsalted french fries, but don’t be fooled. A regular order has 430 calories and 530 milligrams of sodium. Sure that’s better than the salted version that has 670 milligrams of sodium, but it’s still more than enough salt for an entire meal in just a side item.

Do you eat at Burger King? Does this make you think again about what you normally order?

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