How to Feel Confident in Lingerie No Matter Your Size

Bra in a bagValentine’s day is around the corner, there are plenty of reminders of how women “should” look in lingerie–thin, busty, and flat-stomached. You don’t need me to tell you most of us don’t look like models, but this fact doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy feeling hot in a sexy bra and a cute pair of panties. Everyone deserves to feel great in their underwear, so here are a few tips to help you get there.

Fit Fit Fit

Invest some real time shopping for a bra. It can be tiresome, embarrassing, and draining, but the pay-off will be huge. Having the right bra makes a big impact on your figure. I’ll even go out on a limb and say it’s the most important garment to invest in. So even if you plan on losing weight, spend a little extra on something high quality. It’s best to go to a department store with a big selection and get a professional measurement. Keep in mind that cup sizes aren’t standard, and can vary from brand to brand. Be sure to bring along several different tops and try them all on over any bra you’re considering buying.

Many women buy bras that are too big, because they perceive these as more comfortable. Don’t fall into this trap, a bra shouldn’t shift around on your body. Having lingerie that fits right will go a long way towards making you feel more confident.

One last note on bra fit: it’s normal for your breasts to be difference sizes. If you feel like the difference is noticeable, you can have a bra tailored.

Don’t Skimp

Thongs and their variants have uses, but if you’re going for a fuller panty make sure it covers your whole butt. Not only will this be more comfortable, it will give you a smoother line when wearing lighter fabrics.

Stick to Your Style

Just because Victoria’s Secret wants us to believe that sequins and ruffles are sexy doesn’t mean you have to wear them. Pick lingerie that appeals to your sense of style. If you feel silly in a thong or demi-cup, then skip it. On the same note, if your style is bold or even outrageous, go for it! If you love something, you’ll be able to pull it off, no matter how big or small you are.

This also applies to anything your significant other might like–don’t feel pressured into getting something your partner finds attractive but you don’t feel good in. You’ll continue to feel uncomfortable, and even a little resentful.


Wearing lingerie is as much about showing some skin as it is about covering anything up. Use a product that you like to make your skin soft and touchable.


If the thought of anyone seeing you in your lingerie makes you uncomfortable, try it on by yourself first. Hanging out in your underwear can be freeing and fun. Try out some poses in front of a mirror–but don’t let yourself slip into being critical. There is no such thing as the “perfect” body, so be kind to yourself.

Flaunt what You Love

We’ve all heard it so many times that we forget it’s true: confidence is sexy. Don’t hesitate to push up, point out or highlight what you love about your body.

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