Is the Jenny Craig Centre a thing of the past?

Most of you already know that I used to work with and for Jenny Craig, on and off for a total of about three years. As a former client, I also subscribe to their emails, and found out today that they are in the process of completely re-vamping and updating their website.

This made me laugh, as when I worked for them in 1994 as a Center Director, I recommended to my management that they consider building a website; at that time a brand new avenue for weight loss information. They laughed in my face, and told me that it would never work for the “personal” approach to weight loss that Jenny Craig was famous for!

Flash forward 14 years, and not only is the website going strong, by the looks of it the free “sneak peek” I saw today, they are taking many of the tools that one usually only sees in the center, and putting those same tools on the web.

Seems to me it is just a matter of time before the new parent company of Jenny, Nestle Switzerland, does away with the one-on-one consultations conducted in their costly individual operational centers, and joins the rest of the diet industry on-line.

You heard it here first!

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