Jack in the Box’s Bacon Shake is a Nutrition Nightmare

It seems everywhere you turn, bacon is showing up from the typical morning fare to the not-so-typical places, like donuts or dipped in chocolate. Wherever you’re finding it, one thing’s for certain, bacon is on the scene.

Many say social media has led to a re-birth of bacon and its popularity. Others call it “hipster food.” Whatever the reason for its popular status, bacon today has outdone itself. Jack in the Box introduced its limited time Bacon Shake and those who don’t much notice fat and calories could not be happier.

The shake is being offered as an un-listed menu item. Those looking to try the meat shake will have to ask for it. Before anxious bacon lovers head to their nearest Jack in the Box they may want to know what their dealing with, though.

According to the Jack in the Box website, the bacon shake is made with real vanilla ice cream, bacon flavored syrup, whipped topping, and of course, a maraschino cherry on top. True bacon lovers may be put off by the fact that the shake is flavored with an artificial bacon syrup and not the real deal, but the syrup and flavor should be the least of any one’s concerns.

The amount of calories in these novelty shakes are insane! For a 24 oz. shake, one would consume 1,081 calories, 37 grams of saturated fat, 3 grams of trans fat, and 108 grams of sugar. That’s a ton of calories for some ice cream, syrup, and who knows what else.
Jack in the Box has restaurants in 20 states across the country. That’s a lot of options for people to try this loaded shake. While it is ironic and hip to mix bacon with all sorts of odd flavors, there’s nothing hip about diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. If you have to know what these flavors would taste like, make it at home and control the madness you’re putting in your body.

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