Jeremy Lin Ditches Traditional Workouts to Stay Fit

jeremy lin new york kinksKnicks point guard Jeremy Lin believes in old-fashioned hard work on the court, but he’s less traditional in his personal fitness regime. He doesn’t do any straightforward cardio in the gym, like running or working out on the elliptical, but he does get in that kind of workout doing drills with a basketball. “If I’m going to get myself tired, I want to make sure it’s functional and makes sense with a basketball,” he says.

Most of Lin’s workout is geared towards strengthening muscles that will benefit him on the court. He reportedly works out with Phil Wagner of Sparta Science and E.J. Costello. Lin follows a weight training program that builds endurance without adding bulk. “It’s all based on increasing my lateral speed, my agility, and my vertical,” says Lin. His strength training includes Olympic lifts, sideboards, lunges, squats, dead lifts and hang cleans. Once per week he does a dumbbell press with 20 to 40 reps per set, and then once per week he’ll do a heavier weight lifting set with fewer reps.

Lin also does yoga, which he says helps him stay flexible and prevent injuries. He also says he enjoys playing football in his free time, although he doesn’t consider that a real workout.

To fuel these workouts, Lin needs a diet that’s rich in protein and vitamins. His goal is to consume 205 grams of protein and eight servings of veggies per day, plus five bottles of water.

Observers have noticed the improvements in Lin’s game thanks to intense off-season training. “He uses his body really well,” Costello said. “His upper body has gotten so much better and stronger, and his ability to control his body really speaks to what we did in the offseason.”

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