Jillian Michaels Sued because of Diet Pill Claims

jillian michaels maximum strength calorie controlA class action lawsuit was filed last week in L.A. against Biggest Loser and weight loss guru Jillian Michaels. Named in the suit, Christie Christensen makes claims that she “was duped” into buying one of the supplements Michaels has recently lent her name to, Jillian Michaels Maximum Strength Calorie Control. Christensen’s suit is based on the claim that she was lead to believe the diet supplement’s advertised benefits would reduce her appetite or help her lose weight, which she says it did not.

“Ms. Michaels knows better — taking two pills before eating does not miraculously cause weight loss,” the lawsuit states, per The Associated Press.

Melissa Harnett, Christensen’s attorney who filed the suit, told TMZ, “Telling people you take two magic pills and then eat chocolate cake all day is a deception.”

As part of the suit, Christensen is suing Basic Research and ThinCare International, the Utah-based manufacturer of the multiple diet supplement products bearing Michaels’ name.

“Not only have placebo-controlled, double-blind, published clinical studies been conducted on the active calorie-control compound in Jillian Michaels Maximum Strength Calorie Control, but that research was reviewed by some of the leading weight-loss experts in the world before Jillian would put her name on the product,” read a statement released by ThinCare.

We’ve said it here on multiple occasions and we’ll remind everyone again – when it sounds too good to be true, especially when it comes to dieting, it probably is. At the end of the day, a healthy, balanced diet and approach to eating coupled with regular exercise are every person’s best act toward losing weight. You have to be your own best advocate, and sometimes, that means reading through the fine print.

Don’t take advertising at face value, whether it’s a well-known branded diet supplement, a fat-free claim on a bag of chips or promises of six-pack abs when you use a special machine for three minutes a day. Do your homework and protect yourself.

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