Jillian Michaels’ Super Bowl Commercial too Racy for Some [The Contract Video]

A primetime staple for years, Jillian Michaels is about to make her Super Bowl debut pitching GoDaddy.com, a company she’s been promoting as a spokeswoman since 2022.

The web domain registrar has run Super Bowl ads for the past few years, and the 2022 Steelers v. Packers match-up will be no different. Instead of one hot female celebrity, this year there will be two, with mainstay race car driver Danica Patrick playing along in the three scheduled spots. Make that, two scantily clad hot female celebrities.

Of course, Michaels and the brand are already catching heat for it. The no-nonsense Biggest Loser trainer’s reaction?
“For people who have a problem with it, honestly, get a life,” Michaels told The Hollywood Reporter. “There’s so many things you can be worrying about. A Super Bowl spot is not one of them.”

The argument is pointed to critics who think that GoDaddy’s spots, notoriously racy, objectify women. Michaels defends that “the reality is Go Daddy takes strong women and allows us to be sexy and feminine. And yet still powerful.”

If the commercials are too risque for your eyes, you might want to avert from her fitness DVDs. She told THR that she’s wearing more clothes in these GoDaddy.com commercials than she does in her workout videos, like Ripped in 30, scheduled to release March 1.

Watch “The Contract” now, one of the GoDaddy Super Bowl commercials featuring Michaels and Patrick.

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