Man Suffers Heart Attack While Eating at Heart Attack Grill

This was bound to happen sooner or later, right? A 40-year old diner at Las Vegas’ Heart Attack Grill suffered a heart attack Saturday night while eating at the restaurant.

The Heart Attack Grill is a burger franchise that has playfully glorified obesity and unhealthy eating. Instead of waitresses, they have nurses. Instead of customers, they have patients. Even instead of an owner, you’ll find a “doctor” in a white coat and carrying a stethoscope. The restaurant is known for serving meals containing upwards of 8,000 calories and granting free meals to patrons over 350 pounds.

The 40-year old “patient” was eating a Triple Bypass burger when he began experiencing severe chest pains and “nurses” noticed him sweating. The restaurant owner called 911 and the man was wheeled out by paramedics.

The owner, “Doctor” Jon Basso, first thought the incident was a joke, but then called 911 when he realized what was really taking place, saying, “I actually felt horrible for the gentleman because the tourists were taking photos of him as if it were some type of stunt. Even with our own morbid sense of humor, we would never pull a stunt like that.”

It’s reported that the man survived and is recovering in the hospital.

Is this enough to end this ridiculous concept? Doubtful, especially when you consider the fact that the chain’s former spokesman Blair River died in March from pneumonia after catching the flu. In response to the 6’8’’, 575 pound, 29-year-old’s death, Basso stated, “Had he been thinner, he most probably would have survived that pneumonia, and that’s a hard fact that I’m not here to deny.“

These truths did nothing to slow the restaurant. They simply called up Ernie Heart, who was the grill’s original spokesperson but had to step down temporarily to have heart surgery.

“Even though my cardiologist and my wife tell me not to come after surviving a coma and multiple heart surgeries, I still come,” Heart said. “I enjoy the burgers.”

I guess when you dine at Heart Attack Grill, you really get what you pay for.

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