No-Tox “Botox” at Home with a Kale and Brazil Nut Pesto Recipe

By Abra Pappa for Nutritious America

Skin is the body’s largest organ working in partnership with the liver, kidneys, and colon to remove waste and toxins from your system. Wrinkles, blemishes, clogged pores, acne, and poor skin color or tone are all the result of the body’s elimination process not functioning properly.

If you are struggling with dull, blemished skin and looking to achieve a dewy, youthful glow you are closer than you think. Take a few steps into your kitchen and get to work!

Yes, what you eat absolutely affects what your skin looks like. You can certainly go out and spend hundreds of dollars on potions and lotions, but if you aren’t nourishing your skin from the inside out you are fighting a losing battle (and wasting a ton of money in the process).

Let’s get cooking. Here is a recipe for amazing skin rejuvenation that is jam packed with essential skin-beautiful ingredients. I recommend adding this to your weekly meal plan and as spring blooms you will have the youthful glow you are looking for.

For optimal beautiful skin health focus on these four nutrients (and the foods they are found in):

Vitamin A – The most important mineral for radiant skin. One cup of kale provides 354% of the DV. Radiance, my friends, is just around the corner.

Vitamin K – Works to diminish dark circles, broken capillaries and skin discoloration, also helps improve skin elasticity. Two tbsp of parsley provides 155% of the DV.

Vitamin C – Essential for collagen production and helps protect your skin from UV damage. Lemon juice and lemon rind has high concentrations of anti-oxidant rich vitamin C.

Selenium – One of your best youthful skin weapons. Studies have shown Selenium to be an extremely beneficial anti-aging compound, working to combat free radical damage that destroys collagen and creates wrinkles. Brazil nuts top the chart for selenium content; a single Brazil nut contains 137% of the DV.

Kale and Brazil Nut Pesto

  • 1 cup steamed kale
  • 1 cup parsley leaves
  • 1/4 cup Brazil nuts
  • 1 small garlic clove
  • Zest of 1 lemon
  • Juice of 1/2 lemon
  • 2 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • pinch of salt and pepper

Directions: Blend all ingredients together in food processor until smooth.

Use this pesto as a delicious sandwich spread, a topping for grilled salmon, or toss with whole grain pasta and veggies.

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