No Yoga Class? No Problem. 3 Ways to Successfully Practice at Home

Life can be complicated. A disruption in our schedules (like this week’s blizzard in the Midwest) or an unintended circumstance can sometimes interfere with our ability to make it to the yoga studio.

If you can’t live without yoga, but struggle to find the discipline for a home practice, the following tips will help you get on your mat until you can get back into your favorite class.

Designate a space

There is no need to rearrange your furniture every time you roll out your mat at home. You can still set the stage in one small area of your house to create the perfect sanctuary for your practice.

Think outside the box. If your hallway, bathroom, or front entry provides the best space, use it. Just be sure and pick a spot in your house that is quiet, has natural lighting, and provides adequate space. Clear out any unnecessary clutter, such as a stack of magazines or a pile of shoes, within two to four feet around your yoga mat.

If you prefer, enhance your special space with music, or light a stick of myInsens. Do whatever it takes to make the space inviting.

Pencil it in

It is important to schedule your home practice session so it becomes a part of your to-do list. Choose a time when you are least affected by life’s little distractions. For example, you would be better off doing your at-home yoga routine after you normally feed and walk the family pet, to lessen the chance of the anxious dog disrupting your downward dog.

It is also necessary to start your home practice on time. Just as in a yoga class, coming in late disturbs the flow and energy of the practice. If you set your practice for six o’clock on Tuesday mornings, use the same discipline it takes to get to the yoga studio on time, and start your home practice in a timely fashion, too.

Time your session

If you decided to do a little yoga at home for only as long as you felt like it, chances are you’d end up going straight into savasana after the first five minutes, I know I would.

Choose your desired duration, and then set a timer. Would you walk out of your yoga class before it was over because you got distracted? No, you would stay the course. Have the same attitude when you practice at home.

Bonus Tip:

No matter the style, when you are practicing yoga at home, be sure and warm up. Taking a few extra minutes to prepare your body for deeper poses will make a huge difference, not to mention keep you injury-free when it’s time to return to your favorite class.

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