Recipes for National Cherry Month

fruit on white backgroundAlthough there not exactly in season, February is National Cherry Month, and we couldn’t let an opportunity to talk about some of the health benefits of this fruit pass. Cherries, particularly tart cherries like the Montmorency variety, are an excellent source of the antioxidant anthocyanins, which also gives the fruit its red color. In addition to antioxidants, cherries also contain vitamin A, vitamin E, melatonin and beta carotene.

Although the research is very preliminary, one study suggested that concentrated cherry juice may reduce soreness after workouts, and cherry anthocyanins have been shown to reduce pain in animal studies.

Research aside, the best way to celebrate National Cherry Month is obviously by incorporating some cherries into a meal this month. Here are a few of our favorite picks from our own recipes collection around the web.

Grilled Chicken with Cherry-Chipotle Barbecue Sauce

Cherries add the sweetness to the barbecue sauce, and makes a great for a great twist on grilled chicken.

Soft-Baked Cherry Oatmeal Cookies

Enjoy a dessert from Joy Bauer for less than 150 calories.

Cold Cherry Soup

Cherry soup is traditionally a Hungarian and Polish dish. This lighter take uses yogurt instead of heavy cream.

Duck Breast with Cherry Chutney

If you’re feeling ambitious, this dish is your to impress your dinner guests. Perhaps a good choice for a Valentine’s meal?

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