Rise and Shine with Morning Workouts

morning workout on beachMorning workouts are by far the hardest, but by far the most beneficial. Exercising in the morning not only wakes you up and energizes your body for the rest of the day, but also sparks the metabolism. By sparking the metabolism, your body is a more efficient calorie burning machine. This also keeps the metabolism “kicking” for the rest of the day as well. I realize that getting up early is tough and not always possible, but try if you can because your hard work and motivation will surely pay off. Weight loss will come easier and easier if you can exercise in the morning and before you eat. By exercising before you eat, the body uses fat stores for energy rather than food.

Some people can bounce out of bed and head off to the gym for a normal workout, no problem. If you are less than a morning person, try these relaxing workouts that will keep you burning calories all day, while easing you into the daily grind as gently as possible.

Yoga A yoga class is a perfect way to start the day, but if heading to the studio is the same torture for you as heading to the gym in the morning, try a yoga DVD. Barefoot and in your PJs, keep the lights low, pop in your DVD and start your day with a relaxing but sweat enducing workout while your coffee brews.

A Morning Jog Most runners prefer to run in the early morning hours, and for good reason. The air is brisk, the roads are all but deserted and a heart pounding run can wake you up better than any cold shower. It takes no time to lace up your shoes and head outside, so you can roll out of bed and go. Even if you aren’t a marathon runner, taking the pooch for a walk, or even just a leisurely stroll in the morning will start your day off on the right foot.

After working out, you definitely need to get some food in your system to fuel the body for the rest of the day (see my list of 10 healthy post-workout snacks). There is no such thing as good calories or bad calories, it is just how many calories you intake that will help enhance the weight loss process. Certain foods have more calories and others have high levels of fatty things in them that make them unhealthy. So, by exercising before you eat in the morning and watching what kind of foods you eat, your body will be healthier, more energized, and a more efficient machine. Good Luck!!

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Great article! It helped inspire me to stick to my 5:30 a.m. workouts, which is really difficult to do sometimes. In fact, I linked to your article as to why it’s great to get your exercise in first thing in the morning.

Erin Nicole says:

Wow, I will deff. try to wake up early from now on and get a work out in before work!! I also read the “10 healthy post-workout snacks” and am going to try the protien shakes!!! Thanks!!!

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