Sleep Better with Yoga

A woman performs the paschimottanasana yoga position.

A woman performs the paschimottanasana yoga position.

It is estimated that more than 70 million Americans experience some form of sleeping troubles. From insomnia, to having trouble falling asleep, we are truly a sleep-deprived nation.

While many medications can help induce a good night’s slumber, they may also carry side effects like grogginess or dizziness. Natural ways of promoting sleep include drinking warm milk or chamomile tea, soaking in a warm bath and even yoga.

While fitness forms like yoga can energize you, they can also encourage sleep. One formidable posture for promoting relaxation is paschimottanasana, or seated forward fold. This posture stretches your spine, hamstrings and shoulders as it also reduces stress, decreases anxiety levels and quiets your mind.

Here is an instructional video of paschimottanasana, an excellent sleep-inducing posture:

If you have a back injury, use caution when performing this posture. Try this posture in the evening for five to ten minutes before you crawl into bed.

Sweet dreams.

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