Starbucks Trenta Not the Worst Beverage Offender [INFOGRAPHIC]

In January, Starbucks introduced its new Trenta size, a 31-ounce cup. Food, drink and health bloggers went nuts over the cup that was sure to be the continued downfall of American obesity. Admittedly, even the nice folks over here at, ahem us, pointed a few fingers too, calling out that the Trenta is larger than a bladder (which, it is).

We took a few steps back and realized that while Starbucks was catching all sorts of heat about its giant new cup, in which they only serve iced coffee or iced tea, it’s not the worst offender. In fact, why aren’t we raising more stink about the 7-Eleven Double Big Gulp, equivalent in size to a six-pack of soda?

So, we did. Here’s our big stink, and the beverage offenders who make Trenta wipe the mud off her face.

Whereas Starbucks only serves iced tea and iced coffee, ranging from 90 calories for unsweetened to 230 calories for sweetened,  the other brands will put just about any concoction of calorie-infused beverage inside their cups. A 2-Liter of Coke (yes, we’ve seen people drinking out of these, and put it here for size reference) has 808 calories. A 7-Eleven Double Big Gulp full of Coke has 765 calories. And a Sonic Route 44 full of Coke has 526 calories.

If the worst Starbucks can do is 230 calories for sweetened coffee or tea, that’s not quite the calorie offense bandwagon we all jumped on at its release.

We still don’t condone the drinking of your calories. That’s a quick way to wreck your weight loss plans. So if you find yourself at these or other fast-food beverage counters, go for a respectable 12-ounce serving cup, fill it with water (or unsweetened tea if you really want it) and be glad for all the unwanted pounds and trips to the bathroom you’re saving yourself.

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