Stuff People Say in the Diet and Fitness Industry

Originating with a Twitter account owned by Graydon Sheppard and Kyle Humphrey, popularized through YouTube video and quickly generating a whole universe of spin-offs, the “Sh*t People Say” meme has proved to be a thoroughly entertaining phenomenon. Some may take offense, some may already think it’s played out, but we couldn’t resist sharing a few of the gems that apply to our work here at DietsInReview.

Stuff Foodies Say

Our love of real, unprocessed, organic foods here at DietsInReview is sure to cause a lot of people to stick most of us in the “foodie” category. Shopping at the farmers market or Whole Foods, participating in a CSA and obsessive back-of-package label reading are some of the key characteristics of the foodie. They typically love greens, local food and sustainable farming, and may also adopt more rigorous eating regimes, such as going vegetarian, raw, local, vegan, paleo or gluten-free.

One thing we’d like to add to the script:

“I only shop at perimeters of the grocery store.”

screen shot of a man in a wig at the gymStuff Women Say to Personal Trainers

Who doesn’t whine at the gym once in awhile? One trainer takes his revenge on complaining clients.

A line we would like to add:

“Do I have to do crunches?”

Stuff Registered Dietitians Say

Registered dietitians are all too often ignored in the world of weight loss. Would a R.D. recommend you only eat cabbage soup for a week? No. Would they recommend that weird diet pill full of synthetic ingredients and stimulants? No. So, have a listen to what they say the most.

Do you have some things people say about diet or fitness to add to this list? Leave a comment!

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