Supreme 90 Day and P90X: There’s a Difference

You know how it is with a good idea in fitness. Once someone has it and it does well on the market, before you know it there are similar-sounding programs that come on the scene to take advantage — or improve upon what was already a good idea. We’ve gotten a lot of questions on the new Supreme 90 Day program lately and how it compares to P90X, so we wanted to give you a solid break down of how they’re similar and how they’re not.

Supreme 90 and P90X Similarities

  • Both programs take 90 days to complete.
  • Both feature highly intense interval workouts that cycle over the course of the program to avoid plateauing and to keep weight-loss and results coming.
  • Both allow you to work out in your home with workout DVDs.
  • Both primarily focus on exercise.
  • Both promise amazing, body-changing results.

Supreme 90 and P90X Differences

  • Supreme 90 includes 10 different workouts while P90X provides 12.
  • Supreme 90 has a general nutrition guide. P90X has a three-phase guided eating plan that is much more detailed.
  • Supreme 90 is considerably more affordable than P90X.
  • P90X has been on the market longer than Supreme 90.
  • Supreme 90 is instructed by Tom Holland, while P90X is instructed by Tony Horton.

Overall, the two programs are extremely similar but do have some major differences. If getting fit is your only goal and you’re strapped for cash, you may want to try Supreme 90. If you’re looking to get fit, eat better and drop some pounds, P90X is a more complete program. However, be warned that both programs are intense, are not designed for those with a lot of weight to lose, and are not for the faint of workout heart!

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