The Best Weight-Loss Vacations

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There are many choices when it comes to picking a weight-loss vacation. From boot camps to spa retreats, you can have an amazingly diverse range of experiences that will all lead to a leaner you. Although spending a week or two at a weight-loss destination may not get you to your final goal-weight, a weight-loss vacation can help you break old habits and find a new mindset.

Our guide to the best weight-loss vacations will give you an idea of the many kinds of healthy, fitness-oriented options available to you. These trips tend to be quite up-scale, providing high-end nutrition, accommodations and exercise facilities. We chose to focus primarily on destinations in the US, but there are a few featured spots outside of the country.

In the end, the best weight-loss vacation is the one that fits with your needs. Are you looking for a relaxing experience or a high intensity adventure? It may help you make a list of things you know you want while considering the various offerings.

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