The Holistic Approach to a Healthy Heart

By Kelly Canull, an online soul and life coach at

Every year, heart disease claims more and more lives. Countless people have had their journeys needlessly cut short. Even more people have been unable to receive the mindful and soulful benefits of having those people in their lives. Heart disease and other violent matters of the physical body are working against us, keeping us from fulfilling our destinies, and from touching the lives of those we know and love.

The Holistic Approach to a Healthy Heart

Your health is the most important tool you have in your pursuit of a higher purpose in life. And I’m not just talking about your body. Your mind, body, and spirit all require a healthy prognosis in order to reach their full potential.

The holistic student is one who understands that everything is connected. A symptom cannot be treated on its own in the holistic setting, because its mal-effects are able to travel across borders and infect every facet of your life, even if that doesn’t seem quite possible.

For instance, when you get a stomach bug, your physical body becomes worn down, which in turn darkens your mind, and even corrupts the light of your spirit. One cannot have the body treated and ignore the mind and spirit.

Your heart is a special place. Each of us is born with a guide, a Divine Guide, which helps conduct us through life in a purposeful manner and leads us ever on to the glories of inner peace. This Divine Guide lives in our soul, moves throughout our bodies, and uses our hearts as its voice.

Without a voice, the Divine Guide cannot help us achieve our higher purpose in life. It is therefore very important that you stay ever mindful of your heart’s health.

To do this I’m suggesting that you:

  • Exercise your body
  • Develop your mind
  • Enrich your spirit

There are, of course, many ways in which you can go about doing these things–thousands of activities alone can be found right here on the Internet–and most of them are indeed helpful. Just bear in mind the holistic–or COMPLETE–health of your whole being. Your heart is of vast importance, but it does not sit in your chest all by itself. It’s connected–to your mind, to your body, and to your soul.  Everything is connected.

Shrinking Stress Through Purpose

When you are leading a purpose-filled life, you’ll find that the everyday problems that everyone else seems to worry about will fall away from you like so much dripping water from melting ice. You will be free of the limiting constraints that a non-purpose-driven life is bound by.

How do you go about finding your higher purpose?

This is a tricky question, and the answer has many twists and turns that differ from person to person. You see, each of us was born with a purpose and each of us has a unique path to take in order reach that final destination.

Your first task is to simply recognize that you were born in this body, in this time, amongst these people, for a reason. This may seem like an easy task, but to truly accept this takes some effort.

Your next task is to discover your higher purpose, while your final task requires you to navigate the road to that end. In order to accomplish this, think about seeking guidance from someone who understands that path and knows the Truth of Who You Really Are. These spiritual life coaches, like me, were given the gift of divine sight and are able to conduct you down the path to a higher purpose.

When you walk this path with a purpose in mind, the stresses of life simply melt away, leaving you free to walk healthily into the exciting unknown.

Stress is one of the many causes of heart disease and living a purpose-filled life is one of the many ways in which to stay healthy.

Find your purpose, find your path, and you’ll find that a healthy soul does indeed translate to a healthy heart.

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