The Joy of Cooking, Super-Sized!

Portion distortion isn’t just exclusive to your dining destinations, be it fast food or otherwise. A study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine found that it’s spilled over into the recipe books, too!recipes

The study looked at how classic recipes have changed during the past 70 years and found a nearly 40 percent increase in calories per serving for just about every recipe reviewed, about an extra 77 calories.

The study identified the trend in many cookbooks, but it focused on the iconic Joy of Cooking. It was first published in the ’30s and has been regularly updated, most recently in 2006.

Cornell University marketing professor Brian Wansink, who directed the study, says he is more concerned about the increase in overall calories per recipe (caloric density) than in the portion size increases.

Since the study doesn’t account for how much is eaten after people prepare the recipes, it’s not altogether conclusive. Not to mention, how many people use recipes? And of those who do, how many follow them exactly? All factors to be considered, but it’s still not welcomed news.

(via: Associated Press)

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