The Morning-After Pill for Your Food Baby is Available OTC

Food baby is the cutesy term for your feeling and appearance after overeating. Whether your baby was conceived due to gas or while binging at the buffet, the result is the same: a bloated stomach that makes you appear pregnant.

pain from bloating

As most of us can attest, this bloating experience is uncomfortable and can last for quite a while. If you’re facing this phenomenon, the best thing you can do is treat it as soon as possible. And know that relief comes sooner than nine months!

Shape Magazine reports today a few things we didn’t know about our bundles of food baby joy. For one, there’s a morning-after pill of sorts for your food baby, although they recommend not waiting that long. Using an over-the-counter antacid may help relieve your food baby symptoms almost immediately. Acid reflux is one of the main side effects from overeating, and popping a Mylanta or Zantac will help neutralize any extra acid your body is producing.

Hopefully, taking an OTC medication will give you some quick relief of your symptoms. They’ll definitely help you feel better by the next day, since everything will have moved through your digestive system.

Medications aren’t the only answer when it comes to dealing with a food baby. If you find yourself in a situation where there’s a possibility of overeating, be sure to take your time as you dine. It’s also better manners!

Eating more slowly will help your body to better digest the food. Taking extra time to chew can also prevent you from taking in excess air which can cause that food baby gas and bloat.

If you’ve already passed that point and don’t want to rely on a pill to solve your bloating problem, some foods and drinks will help you naturally.

Asparagus is known for its high potassium content, which helps regulate the fluid balance in your body. In addition to lots of potassium, asparagus contains an amino acid that acts as a natural diuretic (read: it makes you pee).

If asparagus isn’t your cup of tea, maybe a cup of tea is exactly what you need. Dandelion tea has been found to reduce bloating and also acts as a diuretic. Though not the most common kind of tea, it can usually be found in health food stores.

For more tips on how to take care of a food baby, see 7 Disturbing Facts about Your Food Baby at Shape!

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