The New Mexico Diet Rich in Healthy Green Chilies

New Mexico is known for cuisine that reflects the combination of the Native American, Mexican, Spanish, and American cultural traditions. A few of the most common foods found in this style of diet are blue corn, enchiladas, sopapillas, and red and green chilies. Green chilies are harvested when they are green and turn to a red color as they ripen. Green chilies are typically known for their somewhat mild, bitter taste and sinus cleansing heat, but the nutritional benefits are often overlooked.

Green chilies are extremely rich in vitamins A and C (the dried version higher in vitamin A while the raw or fresh version is higher in vitamin C). In fact, a single green chili contains six times more vitamin C than an average sized orange. Green chilies are also a good source of the antioxidant beta-carotene, vitamin B and E, and iron and potassium which allows them to help block the body’s absorption of cholesterol and help promotes normal body functioning.

Due to the “heat” of the green chilies, the metabolism is sparked allowing it to burn more calories while trying to cool down the body. So, with that being said, give green chilies a try and check below for some green chili food options.

Atkins Beef and Bean Entree

Quick and Easy Chicken Chili

Salsa Bean Dip

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