The Nutrition Society Launches Open Access Journal

jnsThe Cambridge University Press and The Nutrition Society have partnered to launch an open access online journal, called Journal of Nutritional Science. The goal of the journal is to publish peer-reviewed research articles on a number of nutrition related subjects, including public health, epidemiology, metabolic studies, body composition, microbiology, nutritional requirements, obesity, appetite and aging.

The journal’s open access platform means that both readers and authors will be better served. “The value of open access journals is that they make their content immediately available on the Internet for free,” comments DietsInReview’s resident dietitian Mary Hartley. “Copyright is retained by the author, and the articles can be distributed and cited so long as the original authorship is properly attributed.”

Founded in 1941, The Nutrition Society is well-respected in the scientific community and is the largest society for nutrition in Europe. “Because The Nutrition Society is behind it, we should expect the new journal to retain the high standards and high quality they bring to their other scholarly publications,” says Hartley. The Nutrition Society also published on behalf of the society: British Journal of Nutrition, Public Health Nutrition, Proceedings of the Nutrition Society and Nutrition Research Reviews. Professor Philip Calder, the Editor-in-Chief of British Journal of Nutrition will also take on that role at the new publication.

The new journal is sure to help health professional get access to the latest research in the field of nutrition, but the articles may not always pertinent to the lay reader. “Keep in mind their research articles are intended for nutritional science professionals, not for the general public, and as such, they may be difficult to understand,” adds Hartley.

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