Top 10 Core Exercises

What makes up the core? The core is your body’s center of gravity. I have discussed this topic before, but I would like to reiterate the importance of a strong and stable core. The core consists of your abdominal, back, and lower back regions. A strong and stable core is vital for good balance, proper posture, and injury prevention. bikini stomach

  • A strong and stable core will help to stabilize the muscles involved with balance. These muscle regions consist of the hips, hip flexors, abdominals, and other leg muscles as well.
  • Proper posture is important for so many reasons, especially the older you get. Back pain, neck pain, and several other forms of pain can result from poor posture over the years.
  • Injury prevention is another amazing benefit of working the core. Obviously not all injuries can be prevented, but most can be or the severity of the injury can be lessened.

I work my core five to six days a week and recommend working the core as often as possible. I work my core before my actual workout and again after to cool down. For you athletes out there, a strong and stable core is vital for proper technique and helping your body not breakdown from all the contact and extra responsibilities placed on it. Below are some of the exercises you can do to strengthen and stabilize your center of gravity (core). I recommend performing twenty to as many repetitions as you can for two to three sets and as often as you can.

Top 10 Core Exercises

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Becki says:

Thank you Matt for posting the core exercises. I think I will give them a whirl.

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