Trainer Bob’s Dining Out Tips

Biggest Loser’s blue team trainer, Bob Harper, takes a moment in each episode to extend a quick tip to help you maintain your diet and weight loss plan. During episode 8 of Biggest Loser, Bob handed out three very easy tips for dining out. It’s not something we can all completely avoid, but when we do, recognize that healthier choices exist.

1. Say no to the bread basket. Ask your waiter not to bring it. It will fill you up quickly with carbs and unnecessary calories.

2. Ask that your food not be prepared in any oils or butter. It means being the boss with your waiter, but they should oblige.

3. Request your salad dressing be brought on the side. As with everything else, these portions are too large and you can better manage how much, or little, you’re eating.

For more tips on dining out, check out the new book, Eat This, Not That.

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