Valentine’s Parties Mean Calorie Crush for Kids

kid with valentine's candy

A box of chocolates is a sugar crash waiting to happen!

The Valentine’s Day party at school is one event that kids look forward to during the school year. They exchange cute cards with friends and get to take the afternoon off to binge on sugar. There’s nothing wrong with the cute cards, in fact, they usually present a great opportunity for an at-home craft project. It’s the candy and sweets that are shared along with the cards that create the calorie and sugar bombs that cupid blasts open with his little arrow. Here are the calories and sugar found in common Valentine’s Day party fare, and some lovely alternatives.

  • Necco Conversation Hearts, 1 serving = 40 pieces
    160 Calories, 38 grams Sugar
  • Hershey’s Kisses, 1 serving = 9 pieces
    230 Calories, 21 grams Sugar
  • Cinnamon Hearts, 1 serving = .5 ounce
    60 Calories, 15 grams Sugar
  • Grocery Store Sugar Cookie, 1 serving = 1 cookie
    270 Calories, 22 grams Sugar
  • Grocery Store Low-Fat Frosted Cupcake, 1 serving = 1 cupcake
    131 Calories, 28 grams Sugar
  • Hawaiian Punch, 1 serving = 8 ounces
    120 Calories, 29 grams Sugar

Heart Rice Krispie Treats found at

Save your kids from a sugar overload, and the teacher from a breakdown. Try these Valentine’s party snack alternatives for the goody bags and party food.

  • Rice Krispie Treats. Go homemade with marshmallow cream and cut in heart shape. A few drops of red food coloring in the marshmallow makes them pink. 40 Calories, 7 grams Sugar.
  • Sparkling Water with Fruit. Drop fresh strawberries or raspberries inside a glass of sparkling water for a snazzy party drink. Less than 5 Calories and less than .5 gram Sugar.
  • Fresh Strawberries. Each medium berry has 4 Calories and 1.7 grams Sugar. Dip in a natural sweetener like Truvia.
  • Dried Fruits. Try dried strawberries, cranberries and raspberries with no added sugar for a sweet, natural, munchable treat. (nutrition facts will vary)
  • Apples with Yogurt Dip. Use bright red apples and make a dip with 0% fat greek yogurt mixed with fresh raspberries. 144 Calories and 17 grams Sugar.
  • Almond Butter and Honey Sandwiches. Use a whole grain sugar-free bread with an almond butter spread and drizzle of honey. Use a cookie cutter to make a heart shape. 232 Calories and 9.4 grams Sugar.
  • Extra Sugar-Free Gum. Stuff bags with a variety of sweet, juicy flavors. 5 Calories and 0 grams Sugar.

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