“Vitamin Adventures of Don and Flip” for iPad Teaches Kids to Eat Right

Punflay Vitamin app for kidsPunflay specializes in creating apps for the iPhone and iPad that are aimed at kids. One of their newest apps is an interactive storybook for the iPad called The Vitamin Adventures of Don and Flip, which teaches children about different vitamins. This app is appropriate for kids from kindergarten to third grade.

With childhood obesity on the rise, it seems more important than ever to find fun ways to teach children about healthy eating. This app takes a crack at this challenge. The story follows Don and Flip and they intact with the fellow inhabitants of GoGoo Island and learn about the vitamins in different foods. Each food they encounter comes with a quick game, followed by a description of that vitamin. Kids will also learn what foods contain each vitamin, and the list is unfalteringly healthy.

In addition to the story book, there’s a learning page, that contains descriptions of each vitamin. Many of the storybook’s pages also feature interactive animations, in addition to the games.

Get The Vitamin Adventures of Don and Flip iPad App here.

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