We Love BOLD Organics Gluten-Free Frozen Pizzas

BOLD Organics made a skeptic a believer, so now we love BOLD Organics Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Pizzas.

The tag line for these pizzas reads, “Pizza lovers can finally enjoy a delicious and healthy frozen pizza.” Three major red flags stood in my way to believing this. Gluten-free, dairy-free, and healthy rarely equal good taste. As a lactose intolerant, gluten sensitive eater, I’ve gotten excited one too many times over these claims when it comes to a new product. Typically my experience with these restricted foods has been very unpleasant. I’ve often felt I was eating wallpaper paste and cardboard.

However, when the chance to try these pizzas came my way, I thought I’d give them a shot, hoping that maybe someone could prove me wrong.

I read the back story about the company before I sampled. Aaron Greenwald is the founder of BOLD Organics. He has struggled to find decent health food, especially gluten-free and dairy-free foods. My ears were perked. Then I learned that Greenwald brought Chef Eric Brenner on board to perfect his recipes. Together the two created a frozen pizza with claims unlike any other- healthy, organic ingredients, and great tasting alternatives to insure all pizzas are gluten-free and dairy-free.

The pizzas come in four flavors: Vegan cheese pizza, veggie lovers pizza, meat lovers pizza, and deluxe pizza. All four flavors have been made with ingredients that are very high quality for any pizza, especially a frozen pizza. Greewald and Brenner claim they searched the country for the best flavors and the highest health benefits. Their pizzas include items such as organic roasted red peppers, organic roasted yellow onions, and shiitake mushrooms. For non-vegan consumers, they chose the leanest and nitrate-free meats available on the market.

The sauce is also made with organic tomatoes and organic herbs and spices. The crust is compiled of organic, gluten-free baking ingredients such as potato starch, brown rice flour, and corn meal.

On paper these pizzas passed the test. They didn’t compromise on the ingredients and no tricky high fructose corn syrup or a trans fat snuck its way in. However, the real test was in the taste. I baked the pizza at home and shared it with my family. Our comments at the dinner table may be all the praise the product ever needs.

After my first bite I said to my husband, “Is it because I so rarely eat pizza that I think this taste so good, or is as good as I think it is?”

He replied, “No, this is actually really good.”

Meanwhile my 8-year-old had a mouth full and sputtered out the semi-coherent words, “can we have this every night!?”

Yes, I heard gluten-free, dairy-free, and frozen pizza and thought the worst. I’m happy to report, BOLD Organics has renewed my faith. I share in my son’s sentiments, “can we have it every night?”

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